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What is Panther?

Panther is a patented fuel saving device that enables drivers to reduce their petrol consumption and at the same time, maximizing power and torque to improve the vehicle’s drivability.

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How does Panther help save fuel?

Panther works by effectively filling gaps in between the electrical supplied by the battery and alternator in order for the ECU to keep functioning as intended, hence, the vehicle achieves optimal performance.

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How much fuel can I save?

It varies from vehicle to vehicle, and driver to driver. On the average, one can achieve fuel savings up to 25%.

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What are other benefits of using Panther?

i. Increase in torque, horsepower, & engine response.
ii. Smoothen automatic gear transmission.
iii. Reduce engine noise.
iv. Cleaner exhaust emissions.

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What types of vehicle can I use it on?

Panther can be used in all vehicles with a 12 volt battery.

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Will it affect my vehicle’s electronics or additional electrical devices?

No, Panther does not harm your car’s electrical devices. In fact, Panther works independently from the vehicle’s on-board computer unit (ECU).

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Have any tests been conducted using Panther?

Fuel saving test

We did a mass on-the-road test in tropical and temperate countries using passenger carriers or vehicles of different makes. The study captured each vehicle’s response to Panther and the results have shown that Panther works for new and old vehicles alike.

Vehicle Performance Test

Using the Dynojet Automotive Dynometer ( to gauge the vehicle’s performance before and after using the Panther. Here is the result analysis:

Torque delivery smoothens substantially at a lower rev enabling your car to deliver higher torque overall.

Panther  increases the power output of your vehicle at a lower rev for a better pick up.

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How do I install the Panther?

Just plug the device into the cigarette lighter socket allocated in your vehicle.

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Do I have to plug it out when I stop the engine?

No. You can leave it plugged-in the socket.

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How many volts is the device?

Panther is a 12volts device.

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How do I know if it is working?

There is a light indicator at the rounded end of the Panther. When plugged in correctly, a green light is visible, indicating that the device is working.

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Where is this technology from?

Panther’s Micro-Energy Optimizing Technology is from Japan. It is created by a Mr Hisashi Uto, an Engineer with an esteemed credential.

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How long does the Panther last?

A car’s electronic has an average lifespan of 3 years; you may expect Panther to work for 3 to 5 years.

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Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. It has one year manufacturing defect warranty.

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