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Learn How To Weatherize Homes
Weatherize America provides the resources to help you start a business weatherizing homes, including your own web site, reference manuals, checklists, estimate sheets, product discounts and more.

The Activent Wireless Zoned Heating and Cooling Vent System
Create inexpensive zoned heating and cooling by replacing your registers with The Activent temperature regulating vents. Automatically controlling the airflow, The Activent keeps rooms from becoming overheated or overcooled. Simply set the temperature and The Activent opens and closes to maintain the temperature. The Activent redistributes hot or cold air to other rooms allowing the home to reach its set temperature in a more efficient manner - reducing utility bills by up to 5% per equipped room.

EcoGadgets: Innovative Energy Efficient Products
EcoGadgets Ltd-the original green gadget business. We offer a quality professional supply and delivery service to the corporate sector and general public. With a strict ethical sourcing policy we only supply the best of all things solar, wind-up, rechargeable, water powered, kinetic and dynamo. For the home, office or on the move you find it all and more here

Solar Panel Heat Pump
Intelligent Energy Solutions supply and install renewable energy systems such as solar panels and heat pumps.

Solar Charging Energy Saving Shop
Eco products,Green Products Energy saving Products,Solar Garden Lights,Leisure batteries and Energy saving products for the home and Garden.

Energy Saving Lighting - My Green Lighting is an online shop selling low energy lighting products with great customer service.

Cheapest Gas and Electricity
Find cheapest gas and electricity prices by letting us compare gas and electricity prices for your home.

Original Liquid Zeolite
Zeolite Magic for alternative disease treatments for disease like cancer.

Mr Solar Energy - a collection of energy and money saving tips, ideas, information and products from around the world

UK Energy Saving - The UK Energy Saving website gives information and tips on ways to save energy and also how to save money on household bills.

LED bulbs

Solar Suppliers Directory
Directory of solar suppliers in South Africa: solar geysers, solar pool heaters, solar lighting, etc.

Renewable Energy, Wind Turbines, Biomass, Solar, Micro-Hydro, YouGen

Sunup Solar Power - A one stop source of information for those who want to learn about solar power or for the individual home owner who wants to install a home solar power system.

Forex Managed Accounts | Forex Managed Funds
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Huntington Beach Green Guide
Huntington Beach Goes Green - HB Green Guide for eco-friendly Orange County Southern California

UK Reflexology Guide
A guide to Reflexologists in the UK . Information and articles about Reflexology and Reflexologists

House Smart Windows and Energy-Saving Home Improvements - Replacement vinyl windows and exterior doors, furnaces, heat pumps, and other energy-efficient home improvements. Ask us about Government Grants.

Digital Power Pro, Inc - Your Digital Power Source
Buy a new battery, battery charger, AC Adapter, or other accessory for your Camera, Camcorder, iPod, iPaq, Palm, PDA or other device at

Commercial Energy Audits
Abraxas Energy Consulting provides energy analysis, consulting services, software, and training for schools, government agencies, and private companies.

Heat Pumps Manufacturer & Supplier
Established in 2004, manufacture all kinds of Air Source Heat Pump, Water Source Heat Pump, Air and Water Heat Pump, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Heat Pump Air Conditioners, Coach Air Conditioner, Electric Dryer, Heat Pump Accessories.

Light Bulbs - Lamps and Tubes - Osram - Sylvania - Philips
Light Bulbs and halogen lamps from Osram, Sylvania, Philips and GE including energy saving Incandescent and Dichroic bulbs and tubes.

RuiSheng HID
China supplier of hid, xenon lights, hid lights, hid kits.

Lumina Windows and Doors Lumina Windows and Doors offers replacement of vinyl windows, entry, garden and sliding patio doors, porch enclosures with services in Toronto, GTA - Simple ways we all can help the environment whether at home, school or at work. The more people know and do, the better we all will be. Now with a blog.

Energy Efficient Fluorescent, Induction, LED Lightings at ME Lighting (UK) Ltd- MELUK also know as Mission Environmental Limited is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of energy efficient lighting products. Our lighting solutions include Fluorescent Lighting, Induction lighting, LED lighting and ME-T5 adaptors.